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Frank Zappa -- The Torture Never Stops/The Dub Room Special/Baby... (3DVD)

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Catalog No. : EREDV996
Product Title : The Torture Never Stops/The Dub Room Special/Baby...
Format : 3 DVD Music
Region Code : NTSC 0
Picture Format : 1.33:1
Audio : Dolby Stereo / PCM Stereo / Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital Stereo
Artist(s) : Frank Zappa
Release Date : 2013
Sub Title : none
Package Weight : 350g
Publisher : Eagle
Other Information : Total Running Time: 386 mins

Collection of three films showcasing the talents of American composer and songwriter Frank Zappa.
In 'The Torture Never Stops', Zappa and his band perform live at The Palladium in New York for a Halloween concert in October 1981. 'The Dub Room Special' includes footage of another one of his annual Halloween shows, this time in New York City, as well as a performance at the KCET studios in Los Angeles.
In 'Baby Snakes' stop motion clay animation and backstage footage of the band and crew is interspersed with highlights of their 1977 Halloween concert at New York's Palladium Theater.

Track List

Disc One: Baby Snakes
1) Baby Snakes 2) Curse Of The Knick-Knack People 3) The Poodle Lecture 4) City Of Tiny Lites 5) Flakes 6) Pound (For A Brown) 7) I Have Been In You 8) Managua 9) Disco Boy 10) X-scape 11) King Kong 12) Roy s Halloween Gas Mask 13) Bobby Brown Goes Down 14) I m So Cute 15) Titties n Beer 16) Black Page #2 17) Jones Crusher 18) Broken Hearts For Assholes 19) Punky s Whips 20) Dinah-Moe Humm 21) Camarillo Brillo 22) Muffin Man 23) San Ber dino 24) Black Napkins

Disc Two: The Dub Room Special
1) Dog Breath Variations / Uncle Meat 2) Room Service 3) Nig Biz 4) Approximate 5) Cosmic Debris 6) Cocaine Decisions 7) Montana 8) Tengo Na Minchia Tanta 9) Florentine Pogen 10) Stevie s Spanking 11) Stinkfoot 12) Flakes 13) Inca Roads 14) Easy Meat

Disc Three: The Torture Never Stops
1) Black Napkins 2) Montana 3) Easy Meat 4) Beauty Knows No Pain 5) Charlie s Enormous Mouth 6) Fine Girl 7) Teen-Age Wind 8) Harder Than Your Husband 9) Bamboozled By Love 10) We re Turning Again 11) Alien Orifice 12) Flakes 13) Broken Hearts Are For Assholes 14) You Are What You Is 15) Mudd Club 16) The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing 17) Dumb All Over 18) Heavenly Bank Account 19) Suicide Chump 20) Jumbo Go Away 21) Stevie s Spanking 22) The Torture Never Stops 23) Strictly Genteel 24) The Illinois Enema Bandit

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Label    Evosound
Format    DVD
Genre    Rock

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