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Eminem -- Live From New York City (DVD)

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Catalog No. : EVOD114
Product Title : Live From New York City
Format : DVD
Region Code : NTC 0
Picture Format : 16:9 Widescreen
Audio : Dolby Surround 5.1, Dolby Digital Stereo, DTS Digital Surround Sound
Artist(s) : Eminem
Release Date : 2011
Sub Title :
Package Weight : 90g
Publisher : Evolution Ltd.
Other Information : 78 mins approx

Eminem is THE global rap superstar. This concert was filmed at Madison Square Gardens in New York in 2005 at the culmination of his farewell tour prior to his retirement. It’s a spectacular show with multi-level staging, amazing lighting and guest appearances from D12, Obie Trice and Stat Quo. Originally filmed for US TV station Showtime the show is now available on DVD for the first time and gives us Eminem at his charismatic best.


1. Backstage
2. Evil Deeds
3. Mosh
4. Business
5. Rain Man
6. Ass Like That
7. Puke
8. Kill You
9. Like Toy Soldiers
10. Git Up (feat. D12)
11. How Come (feat. D12)
12. Rock Star (feat. Bizarre)
13. 40oz (with D12)
14. My Band (with D12)
15. Backstage 2
16. Stan
17. The Way I Am
18. Just Don't Give A Fuck
19. Got Some Teeth (feat. Obie Trice)
20. Stay `Bout It (Aqua) (feat. Stat Quo)
21. The Set Up (feat. Stat Quo)
22. Like Dat (feat. Stat Quo & Obie Trice)
23. Cleaning Out My Closet
24. Mockingbird
25. Just Lose It
26. Backstage 3
27. Lose Yourself (feat. D12)


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Label    Evosound
Format    DVD
Genre    RnB/Soul

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