Duff McKagan's Loaded -- Sick (CD+DVD)

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Catalog No. ARM250522
Product Title Sick
Format CD+DVD
Region Code NTSC 0
Picture Format 4:3 Screen Format
Audio Dolby Stereo
Artist(s) Duff McKagan's Loaded
Release Date 2011
Sub Title
Package Weight 180g
Other Information Total Running time: 94 mins approx.

Deluxe two disc (CD/DVD) edition includes two bonus tracks plus bonus live DVD filmed during the band’s tour in 2008. The hard hitting Seattle four piece are fronted by the legendary Duff McKagan (former Guns N Roses bassist and also currently playing with Velvet Revolver). On Sick, the band at the height of their powers - from the brutal opener ‘Sick’ to the sleazy Rock of first single ‘Flatline’, from the Punk sensibilities of ‘I See Through You’ to the epic melodies of “Forgive Me”. The album showcases driving and melodic Punk infused Rock overlaid with McKagan’s unique and powerful vocals.



1. Sick
2. Sleaze Factory
3. Flatline
4. IOU
5. The Slide
6. Translucent
7. Mother’s Day
8. I See Through You
9. Forgive Me
10. No Shame
11. Blind Date Girl
12. Wasted Heart
13. No More

Bonus Tracks

14. Roll Away
15. Wasted Heart (acoustic)


1. Sick
2. Queen Joanasohpina
3. IOU
4. No More
5. Dark Days
6. Superman
7. Sleaze Factory
8. Executioners Song
9. 10 Years
10. Translucent
11. I Wanna Be Your Dog

No More (Promo Video)

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