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Bossa Negra -- Brazillian Essence (Rio Edition 2016) (2CD)

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Catalog No. : FUM001
Product Title : Brazillian Essence (Rio Edition 2016)
Format : 2CD
Region Code :
Picture Format :
Audio : CD
Artist(s) : Bossa Negra
Release Date : 2016
Sub Title :
Package Weight : 250g
Publisher : FUM
Other Information :

Bossa Negra 巴西音樂俱樂部 is the first ever Chinese (華人)/Brazilian collaboration featuring the Brazilian music styles of Samba, Bossa Nova, Afoxê, Axé, Frevo, Maracatu, samba-reggae sung in Mandarin, Cantonese & English. Featuring over 30 musicians from around the world (with 10 being Grammy award winners) including Gil Goldstein, Sergio Brandao (Airto Moreira, Sergio Mendes), Armando Marçal (Pat Metheny) and Jorge Vercillo, this album is a star-studded collaboration effort from some of the most respected artists from South America and Asia.
This double album features the participation of the following asian artists including; Soler (Macau), 袁婭維(中國好聲音, 中國之星), Joanna Dong 董 姿彦 from Singapore, Chris Polanco 陳杰 from HK with 嚴爵 (Yen-J) & 姚若龍 from Taiwan.

The album was recorded in Brazil, Australia, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan & Singapore, mixed on an SSL analog console by Grammy winner Nicolas Kalwill (Lila Downs / Niña Pastori) from Argentina and mastered by Bob Ludwig, Greg Calbi (Sterling Sound) & Scott Hull from the USA.

Track List


(CD Disc 1)
1. 井底之蛙 The Frog (A Rã)
2. Upside Down (Flor de lis)
3. 時間暫停 (Final Feliz)
4. 泰姬瑪哈 (Taj Mahal)
5. 瑪麗亞的約會 (Os Grilos)
6. 港口 - (Intro) [1/7] (Encontros e Despedidas)
7. 港口 - (1st Movement) [2/7] (Encontros e Despedidas)
[Milton Nascimento] feat. 董姿彦, Joanna Dong
8. 港口 - (2nd Movement) [3/7] (Encontros e Despedidas)
9. 港口 - (3rd Movement) [4/7] (Encontros e Despedidas)
10. 港口-(4thMovement)[5/7](EncontroseDespedidas)
11. 港口-(5thMovement)[6/7](EncontroseDespedidas)
12. 港口-(6thMovement)[7/7](EncontroseDespedidas)
13. 森巴嘉年華(AVozdoMorro)
14. 夏日森巴(Summersamba)(SoNice)(SambadeVerão)
15. Down Under
16. 半斤八兩
17. 財神到

(CD Disc 2)
1. The Frog (A Rã)
2. Upside Down (Flor de lis)
3. Happy Ending (Final Feliz)
4. Taj Mahal
5. Crickets sing for Anamaria (Os Grilos)
6. Harbour - (Intro) [1/7] (Encontros e Despedidas)
7. Harbour - (1st Movement) [2/7] (Encontros e Despedidas)
8. Harbour - (2nd Movement) [3/7] (Encontros e Despedidas)
9. Harbour - (3rd Movement) [4/7] (Encontros e Despedidas)
10. Harbour-(4thMovement)[5/7](EncontroseDespedidas)
11. Harbour-(5thMovement)[6/7](EncontroseDespedidas)
12. Harbour-(6thMovement)[7/7](EncontroseDespedidas)
13. Iliveforsamba(aVozdoMorro)
14. SummerSamba(SoNice)(SambadeVerão)[extendedmix]
15. DownUnder
16. Privateeyes
17. RiotoSalvador
18. CricketssingforAnamaria(OsGrilos)[extendedmix]
19. HappyEnding(FinalFeliz)[extendedmix]


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Label    Evosound
Format    CD
Genre    Bossa Nova

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