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Stanley Jordan Trio -- The Paris Concert (Blu-ray)

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Catalog No. : INAK74661
Product Title : The Paris Concert
Format : Blu-ray
Region Code : All Region
Picture Format : 1080p / 16:9
Audio : 5.1 DTS HD Master Audio, 5.1 Linear PCM, Stereo
Artist(s) : Stanley Jordan Trio
Release Date : 2011
Sub Title :
Package Weight : 100g
Publisher : Inakustik
Other Information : Total Running time: 98 mins approx.

As one of the most gifted guitarists of his generation, Stanley Jordan could easily content himself with the title of 'uncontested master of the two-handed tap technique? which allows him to play rhythm and melody simultaneously, like a pianist or like two guitarists. This spectacular ability gained him fame and respect all over the world. Stanley Jordan is, however, much more than a top-class virtuoso. His interpretations of the grand repertoire ? from Bird and ?Trane to John and Paul ? are true masterpieces which boldly straddle tradition and new age. But the strength & depth of his multi-faceted diamond-like music stem from his early ? and unshakeable - belief in the power of his art. For Stanley, making music has always been more than just entertainment; it is ? in a world that needs it sorely ? a genuine healing journey which will inspire & at the same time cure the soul, in the immediate and utterly therapeutic sense of the word?. A belief mirrored in the radiant faces of the audience at the end of Jordan's moving New Morning concert of July 2007, backed up by Charnett Muffett and David Haynes. Thank you, Stanley!

Track List

1. “Yesterday”
2. “A Place In Space”
3. “Song For My Father”
4. “All Blues”
5. “New Morning Improv”
6. “Improvised excerpt from Bela Bartok’s concerto for orchestra 2nd movement”
7. “Mozart’s Piano Concerto No 21, 2nd movement”
8. “Now’s The Time”
9. “Naima"
10. “Because”
11. “Amazing Grace”
12. “Return Expedition"

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Format    Blu-ray
Genre    Jazz

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