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SPYRO GYRA -- A Foreign Affair (CD)

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Catalog No. : EVSA197
Product Title : A Foreign Affair
Format : CD
Artist(s) : SPYRO GYRA
Release Date : 2012
Package Weight : 100g
Publisher : Evosound
Other Information :

Originally formed in the mid 1970’s, this American band Spyro Gyra, is well-known for their fusion of smooth jazz and world type of music.

Spyro Gyra has received numerous Grammy nominations and was awarded the George Benson Lifetime Achievement Award from the Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards in 2007.

Their 11-track new album, A Foreign Affair, as the title suggest, was influenced by band’s international travels. The tunes reflect a growth and evolution in Spyro Gyra’s sound over the band’s nearly 40 years of making music. Cuts on A Foreign Affair music came from music and sounds of Japan,India, Brazil, Guatemala and the good old US of A.

With the veteran core of Beckenstein, Schuman, Fernandez and Ambush and Bonny B, besides the memorable instrumentals, there were also three vocal tunes, one of which features Irijit Singh and Grammy winning Keb’ Mo’. With all of those international influences, it might be tempting to call A Foreign Affair a world album.


1. Caribe - Jay Beckenstein
2. Khuda * - Sandeep Chowta/ Shabbir Ahmed
3. Sweet Ole Thang’ - Bonny Bonaparte
4. Falling Walls - Julio Fernandez
5. Shinjuku - Tom Schuman
6. Chileno Boys - David Broza/ Alberto Rios
7. Samba For Two - Tom Schuman
8. Canção de Ninar - Jay Beckenstein
9. Antigua - Jay Beckenstein
10. Last Call - J. Fred Knoblach/ Danny O’Keefe
11. Dancing On Table Mountain - Scott Ambush

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Label    Evosound
Format    CD
Genre    Jazz

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