Dio -- Holy Diver Live (Blu-ray)

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Catalog No. : EVBRD333689
Product Title : Holy Diver Live
Format : Blu-ray
Region Code : All region
Picture Format : 1080p Widescreen 1.78:1
Audio : LPCM Stereo
Artist(s) : Ronnie James Dio
Release Date : 2010
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Publisher : Evolution Ltd.
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演唱会录制于2005年10月22日的伦敦阿斯托里亚剧院。Ronnie James Dio和他的公司现场演绎了他首张专辑《神圣潜水员》中的所有曲目,以及Rio歌唱生涯中最受欢迎的经典歌曲。他亦演奏了当他还是彩虹和黑色安息日乐队主唱时的曲目。收录曲目:Tarot Woman, The Sign of The Southern Cross, One Night In The City, Stand Up And Shout, Holy Diver, Gypsy, Caught In The Middle, Don't Talk To Strangers, Straight Through The Heart, Invisible Rainbow In The Dark, Shame, On The Night Gates of Babylon ,Heaven And Hell, Man On The Silver Mountain, Long Live Rock And Roll, We Rock


DISC 1 (Blu-ray)

1. Tarot Woman
2. The Sign of the Southern Cross
3. One Night in the City
4. Stand Up and Shout
5. Holy Diver
6. Gypsy
7. Caught in the Middle
8. Don't Talk to Strangers
9. Straight through the Heart
10. Invisible
11. Rainbow in the Dark
12. Shame on the Night
13. Gates of Babylon
14. Heaven and Hell
15. Man on the Silver Mountain
16. Long Live Rock and Roll
17. We Rock

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Label    Eagle Rock
Format    Blu-ray
Genre    Rock