Primal Scream -- Screamadelica Live + Classic Album (DVD+CD)

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Catalog No. : EV303489
Product Title : Screamadelica Live + Classic Album
Format : DVD + CD
Region Code : NTSC 1
Picture Format : 16:9
Audio : Dolby Surround 5.1, Dolby Digital Stereo, DTS Surround Sound
Artist(s) : Primal Scream
Release Date : 2011
Sub Title :
Package Weight : 160g
Publisher : Eagle Rock
Other Information : Total Running time: 119 mins approx.

Primal Scream’s seminal album “Screamadelica” defined a generation. It’s mix of rock, dance, dub, gospel and more caught the zeitgeist of the early nineties to perfection and it went on to win the inaugural Mercury Music Prize in 1992 and consistently be named as “Best Album Of The Nineties” and appear in numerous “All Time Best Albums” lists. This latest addition to the acclaimed Classic Albums series tells the story behind the making of this legendary album. There are contributions from all the band members, main producer Andrew Weatherall, Creation Records founder Alan McGee and many others involved in the creation of this masterpiece. This DVD + CD set couples the DVD of the Classic Albums programme with the CD of the complete album as it was performed live at London’s Olympia in its entirety for the first time on November 26th 2010 to create a truly special release.

Disc 1

1. Movin' on Up
2. Loaded
3. Slip Inside This House
4. Don't Fight It, Feel It
5. Come Together
6. Ivy Ivy Ivy
7. I'm Losing More Than I'll Ever Have
8. Come Together
9. Inner Flight
10. Higher Than the Sun
11. Damaged
12. I'm Comin' Down
13. Shine Like Stars

Disc 2

1. Movin' on Up
2. Slip Inside This House
3. Don't Fight It, Feel It
4. Damaged
5. I'm Comin' Down
6. Shine Like Stars
7. Inner Flight
8. Higher Than the Sun
9. Loaded
10. Come Together

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