Duff McKagan's Loaded -- The Taking (CD)

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Catalog No. : ARM250512
Product Title : The Taking
Format : CD
Artist(s) : Duff McKagan's Loaded
Release Date : 2011
Package Weight : 100g
Publisher : Eagle Rock
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What’s very cool about “The Taking”, besides its eclecticism, is that a unifying principle of stripping down, simplifying and courting pregnant pauses seems to have been applied to all the bubbling under smartness, an idea that helps Loaded, continually achieve a catchiness reminiscent of penultimate Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins and Stone Temple Pilots anthems. In other words, the listener can detect that the quietly talented Loaded cabal has kept in mind that these songs live and breathe most robustly if they kick ass in a sweaty club, if they touch people on record and then through the souvenir memory of a live show that imprints itself on the forehead of a fan converted.


1. Lords of Abaddon
2. Executioner's Song
3. Dead Skin
4. We Win
5. Easier Lying
6. She's an Anchor
7. Wrecking Ball

8. King of the World
9. Cocaine          

10. Your Name
11. Follow Me to Hell
12. Indian Summer

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Format    CD
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